Who is Rachel ?
Rachel is an actress and dancer who began working in theater at the age of 6. As a child she studied ballet, tap and jazz. At the age of 8 Rachel started traveling around the UK taking part in various dance competitions where she achieved great success.
Rachel has danced in many different shows. At the age of 12 Rachel began developing her own dance style using influences from her favorite kinds of music. One thing Rachel loved and still loves about the ZUMBA®  program is the fusion of styles you see. Influences from so many different kinds of dance and music. This is what keeps a ZUMBA®   class fresh and exciting and where Rachel can really use her dancing skills

Rachel is a professional dancer/teacher and choreographer and performs in shows throughout europe. If you are interested in booking Rachel for a performance, party or event please email with inquiries and if you would like to add zumba to your gym or venue it goes without saying RACHEL IS YOUR WOMAN.



Pictured left Rachel with Hermann Melo, ZUMBA Education Specialist TM

shortly after completing her ZUMBA® instructors training.

''I would like to say a big thank you to Hermann Melo not just a fantastic teacher and dancer but also a friend and  a constant source of support, ZUMBA HUGS !''


from Rachel:
My name is Rachel. I first saw the ZUMBA®  fitness program on television and was instantly intrigued. I had just had a baby and hadn't danced professionally in a couple of years and wanted to get back into shape but I was bored with all my old exercise routines and loosing the enthusiasm it takes to get back in shape ! I had a bad birth with my son and my back had been damaged. I was told it may never recover the same strength it had before my pregnancy, everything I tried left me with terrible back ache and I was sure a ZUMBA® routine would be the same but I was wrong.
The ZUMBA® program was totally different, the first time I tried it I was hooked. Being a dancer I loved the moves and music and while I danced I couldn't help but smile. Instead of dreading that daily workout I looked forward to it and stretched it out. As for my bad back well in weeks it had gone. My core was strong, muscles toned and the weight I had gained in pregnancy, gone. The ZUMBA® program had given me back the thirst to keep fit and I had fun. Within the year I decided to train to become an instructor. Anything that had made such a difference in my life was sure to do the same for other people and I wanted to be part of this. I wanted to help people get or stay fit and see them smiling, that makes me happy.
Since I discovered ZUMBA®  fitness I have never looked back and would certainly never be without it. These days it is something I often live, sleep and breath.







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