What is the ZUMBA® program

What is the ZUMBA®  program ?
The ZUMBA®  programme is a latin inspired, dance fitness class that incorporates latin and international music and dance moves.

A ZUMBA®  class otherwise known as a ZUMBA fitness party combines fast and slow rythms that tone and sculpt the body using an aerobic/fitness approach to achieve a unique blended balance of cardio and muscle toning effects.

Is the ZUMBA®  program right for me ?
Dancers and non dancers alike immidiately and easily master a ZUMBA®  class because previous dance expirience is not necessary. A ZUMBA®  class creates a party atmosphere .
The  ZUMBA®  program is about getting fit and having fun.

Where does the ZUMBA®  program come from ?
Alberto Perez ''BETO'' is the creative genius behind the  ZUMBA® class otherwise known as a ZUMBA®  fitness party. Beto began dancing as a young boy in his home town Cali, Columbia as a teenager he choreographed for local artist and dancing in salsa clubs. Later winning a scholarship at Maria Sanfords Brazilian Dance Academy. After graduation Beto stayed on at the academy becoming an instructor, specializing in Latin dance. Bet taught Merengue, Salsa, Rumba, Tap, Funk, Jazz and modern dance. His intrest in physical fitness led him to become a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor.

How was the ZUMBA®  program created ?
By accident. One day Beto upon arriving at his exercise class realised he had forgotten his music . Improvising he rushed to his car and found his favourite latin music tapes popped the in the stereo and taught his fist ever ZUMBA®  class.

Within months Beto style of class had become so popular that it caught on and word spread like wild fire. Beto had become so popular in Cali that music star ''Shakira'' hired him to choreograph for her ''Pies Descalzos'' album.

In 2000 Beto decided to make the move to the united states armed with his charisma and willpower alone Beto headed for Miami in pursuit of the american dream. In the beginning it was a struggle but in 2001 his innovative style caught the attention of entrepreneurs Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion. Together they created the ZUMBA®  fitness brand based on Betos fitness philiosophy. Inspired by Betos passion for latin music, exotic dance rythms and fitness. The no thinking, party like ZUMBA® classes appeal to the masses, people of all fitness levels can participate in a ZUMBA®  class.

Betos creation The ZUMBA®  fitness program is a one of a kind combination os exercise and DANCE.

Today Beto travels the world teaching the ZUMBA®  formula. His phenomenal success in the fitness world has been shown on hundreds of television programs, magazines and papers.

Betos life long dream has been realised to help people look and FEEL great, get in shape, have fun and DANCE their cares away. Beto is creative director of the ZUMBA®  education department and oversees the training of the ZUMBA®  education specialist facility.

It's a blast !

It's different !

It's easy !

It's effective !

ZUMBA®, ZUMBA FITNESS® and the Zumba Fitness Logo are registered trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC, used under license. 



















The ZUMBA®  program has left millions of people amazed at the change in the bodies, minds and life style.


How does the ZUMBA® program work ?

While phyisology is the reason behind weight loss, changes in your body and becoming more toned. Psychology is certainly the motivator in and key factor in the success of ZUMBA® program.

High energy, motivation music, unique moves.

Fun and effective. That is why people stick to a ZUMBA®  fitness program and achieve life long results.

A ZUMBA® class is something people WANT to do not have to do.

FUN, FUN, FUN and by having fun people increase the intensity of their moves.

Great for the body and great for the mind. The feel happy workout. A ZUMBA®  fitness party increases self confidence, self esteem and self image.

Benefits of the ZUMBA®  fitness program.

Great Dynamic core workout.

ZUMBA®  program moves require a great deal of control over the of the midsection, body and back . This leads to a tighter more definaed torso and stronger abdominals and back.

High Caloric Expenditure

The ZUMBA®  programs fusion on aerobic and interval training methods incorporate high energy levels which means high caloric expenditure. People can loose up to 500 calories in an hour.

Great Learning Environment

New dance steps are always presented in an easy to learn, party like atmosphere, no pressure. Just fun. People who have problems mastering aerobic routines will easily master a ZUMBA®  class and have fun doing it. No pressure, just DANCE.

Weight loss

Work it baby, have fun, feel the music and before you know it you will see the difference in your body. Ofcourse consistency and well balanced nutrition will increase and sustian weight loss.

Positive self image


A sculpted body

ZUMBA®  class can potentially reshape all your body, upper body, lower body, mid section, heart and mind.

Exercise in disguise

ZUMBA®  fitness is a great sweat. People say they have so much fun they don't even realise they are exercising.

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